Yellow Dock

Latin name: Rumex crispus
Chinese name: chin ch’iao mai
Other names: curled dock, garden patience, narrow dock, parell, patience herb, sour dock

What is Yellow Dock?
Yellow dock is a perennial herb native to Europe and Africa, and is now found across most of the world. Yellow dock grows in great abundance to the point that it is considered by many to be a weed. The roots and rhizomes of the plant are of the greatest medicinal significance.

What are the health benefits of Yellow Dock?
Yellow dock is used to treat a large variety of conditions including those related to the digestive, respiratory, and menstrual systems. Yellow dock is used as a laxative, a tonic for the stomach, and a treatment for bowel infections and peptic disorders. A syrup is made from the plant that is used for upper respiratory conditions, including emphysema, and it is also used as an astringent for the bleeding of the lungs. It is used for menstrual pain, fibroids, heavy bleeding during periods, and unbalanced menstrual cycles. Other conditions for which yellow dock is used include rheumatism, bilious conditions, diphtheria, skin disorders, venereal disease, and rosacea.

Are there any precautions for taking Yellow Dock?
Yellow dock leaves should not be eaten in large amounts else they will cause mineral deficiencies.

Where can I find Yellow Dock?
Yellow dock can be found online, in herbal specialty stores, and in the offices of Chinese medical practitioners.

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