Witch Hazel

Latin name: hamamelis virginiana
Other names: snapping hazelnut, spotted Alder, winterbloom

What is Witch Hazel?
Witch hazel is a tree that grows naturally in Canada and in the Eastern United States. Witch hazel is an herbal treatment that is derived from the leaves, which are collected in summer, and the bark, which is collected in fall. It was once found in almost every household as a traditional home remedy for shaving cuts and sunburn, and is still used commonly as an astringent.

What are the health benefits of Witch Hazel?

Because witch hazel contains so many tannins, it is used as an astringent that protects and heals the skin while resisting inflammation. It helps heal cuts and burns, insect bites, rashes, and other skin ailments. In addition, witch hazel acts against acne, hemmorhoids, and diaper rash. A tea made from witch hazel leaves is beneficial for sore throat and diarrhea.

Where can I find Witch Hazel?
Witch hazel can be found online, through herb suppliers, in Asian markets, and in drug stores and pharmacies.

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