Winter Melon Seed

Latin name: semen benincasae hispidae
Chinese name: dong gua ren
Other names: ash gourd seed, fuzzy melon seed, wax gourd seed, white gourdseed

What is Winter Melon Seed?
Winter melon seeds come from a large fruit grown throughout Southern Asia. The seeds are known in Chinese medicine primarily as an herb that drains dampness. The winter melon fruit is eaten as a vegetable and cultivated in Southeast China, where it is made into a popular drink. The fruit is also dried, sweetened, and eaten as a special treat during festivals.

What are the health benefits of Winter Melon Seed?
Winter melon seeds are used in traditional Chinese medicine to influence the stomach, lungs, and intestines. Its cold properties make it useful for clearing heat and phlegm from the lungs and for aiding in the discharge of pus. Traditional Chinese practitioners also use winter melon seeds in medications for helping with urinary problems, lowering cholesterol, and treating kidney disease.

Where can I find Winter Melon Seed?

Winter melon seed can be found online through herb suppliers, in Asian markets, and in the offices of Chinese medical practitioners.

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