Latin names: Sclerotium polyporus umbellati, Polyporus sclerotium
Chinese name: zhu ling

What is Polyporus?

Polyporus is a type of mushroom fungus of the Polyporaceae family with other herbs, such as poria fungus and shiitake mushrooms. This bulbous, fanlike mushroom can be found growing in dense woodlands and moist climates. It is harvested west of the Rocky Mountains in the United States and is found in much of Western Europe.

What are the health benefits of Polyporus?
Polyporus promotes longevity and sustains good health. It is used as a diuretic in traditional Chinese medicine and rids the system of toxins found in urinary tract infections and urethral blockages. Polyporus relieves diarrhea by absorbing excess moisture in the gut and hardening the stool. This herb is administered to pregnant women in monitored doses for urinary incontinence and dribbling. Poloyporus relieves the body of edema by guiding excess water out with the urine.

Where can I find Polyporus?

Polyporus can be found in raw and powdered form in Asian markets, in health food stores, and in the offices of traditional Chinese medical practitioners.

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