Lemon Peel

Latin name: Citrus limonum, limonis cortex

What is Lemon Peel?

Lemon peel is the outer peel of the lemon fruit, thought to be native to the Indian subcontinent of Asia. The lemon, known more for its juice, is used in cooking, making beverages like lemonade, and for household cleaning. Lemon peel produces oil, which is used prominently in Sicilian culture, and is also pickled in brine and sold for candying. It is also used in culinary, confectionary, and cosmetic applications. Lemon peel can also be used in potpourris and bath blends.

What are the health benefits of Lemon Peel?
Lemon peel is used to aid digestion by helping to reduce gas and cramping in the digestive system. It is also used as a diuretic and it increases circulation. Lemon peel is often used as a tonic for the immune system and the skin. In Ayurvedic medicine, lemon peel is used to tonify the liver. In addition, there is a history of using lemon peel to treat and prevent scurvy.

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Where can I find Lemon Peel?

Lemon peel can be found online, in herbal specialty shops, and in health food stores. You can also find it in food markets in the produce section—still attached to the lemon.

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