Latin name: Rhizoma imperata, Imperata cylindrical L.
Chinese name: bai mao gen
Other names: lalang grass rhizome, white grass

What is Imperata?
Imperata is a species of grass native to Asia, India, Micronesia, and Australia. It is planted for ground cover and to prevent soil erosion near beach areas and other areas subject to erosion. It is used to make paper, thatch roofs, and woven into mats and bags. Imperata is often used medicinally for its antibiotic properties, as well as to stop bleeding, promote urination, and clear heat.

What are the health benefits of Imperata?

Imperata is used to treat coughing blood, nosebleeds, and vomiting of blood. It treats edema, blood in the urine, and some types of jaundice. Imperata is also used to treat irritability, thirst, cough, wheezing, nausea, and vomiting.

What are the guidelines for taking Imperata?

The fresh imperata herb is better at clearing heat and promoting urination, while the charred herb is more effective to stop bleeding and is not able to clear heat. Dosage is usually 9 to 24 grams in formulations and up to 60 grams if the fresh herb is used alone. However, imperata is normally used in combination with other herbs.

Where can I find Imperata?
Imperata can be found in health food or vitamin stores, online, and at the offices of Chinese medical practitioners.

You can find this herb combined with other herbs in the Traditions of Tao formula:
Creative Balance Tea, which invigorates blood circulation and nourishes the Yin, helpful for female cycle imbalances.

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