What is Garlic?
While many medicinal remedies call upon the use of fresh garlic for treating various conditions, this plant is also available in supplement form. Garlic supplements are used by those wishing to enjoy its health benefits without suffering from garlic breath and other side effects of the odiferous quality of the plant.

What are the health benefits of Garlic?
The healing properties of garlic center on the existence of a substance called allicin, and some supplements are a greater source of allicin than others. Studies have shown that garlic supplements are beneficial for reducing cholesterol levels as well as inhibit the progression of cardiovascular disease. Garlic supplements are also purported to have antibacterial properties, and are used to treat infections of the lungs, sinuses, bladder, and vagina, as well as to treat the cold and flu. It is also used to fight certain bacterial infections, yeast overgrowth, as well as to lower blood pressure.

More information about the healing powers of Garlic can be found in the Herb section.

How do I take Garlic to get the health benefits?
Garlic supplements are available in capsule, softgel, tablet, and liquid form. The process of producing many garlic supplements often destroys the existence of allicin, which is the basis of garlic’s healing properties, and has been found to be active in only five of eighteen commonly sold garlic preparations. The allicin in raw garlic only becomes active when the garlic is crushed or pressed. It is therefore not a matter of raw garlic being better than garlic supplements, but paying attention to labels and preparation processes to ensure that there is an abundant supply of allicin in what is consumed.

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