Gambir Vine

Latin name: Ramulus Uncariae cum Uncis, Uncaria rhynchophylla (Miq.),Uncaria sinensis Haviland
Chinese name: gou teng
Other names: uncaria stems with hooks

What is Gambir Vine?
Gambir vine is a plant grown in China and is known primarily for its function as a treatment for hypertension in traditional Chinese medicine. As a sweet and cooling herb, it focuses on the liver and pericardium channels in traditional Chinese medicine.

What are the health benefits of Gambir Vine?

As a cooling herb, much of gambir vine’s function focuses on the cooling of heat. It is used to relieve hypertension, subdue hyperactivity of the liver, arrest convulsions, lower blood pressure, treat rheumatoid arthritis, reduce headaches and fevers, and treat red eyes. It is shown to treat eclampsia in pregnant women and is also used to reduce headache dizziness. It is typically consumed as a tea.

Where can I find Gambir Vine?

Gambir vine can be found online, in Asian markets, herbal specialty shops, and in the offices of Chinese medical practitioners.

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