Latin name: Eupatorium perfoliatum
Other names: boneset, snakeroot, thoroughwort

What is Eupatorium?
Eupatorium is a genus of flowering plants native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. North American Indians used it as a medicine, and it became a popular remedy in the United States. The name “boneset” alludes to the use of the plant to treat broken bones, although it may also come from its use as a treatment for dengue fever, which was also called “breakbone fever.”

What are the health benefits of Eupatorium?
Eupatorium has many beneficial uses, including treatment of dengue fever, arthritis, some infectious diseases, migraine, intestinal worms, malaria, and diarrhea. Infusions of eupatorium are also considered a remedy for influenza.

Are there any precautions for taking Eupatorium?

Since it contains toxic compounds that can cause liver damage, caution is advised. Side effects include muscular tremors, weakness, and constipation. It is best to work with a licensed herbal practitioner.

Where can I find Eupatorium?

Eupatorium can be found online through herb suppliers and in health food stores.

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