Chinese Honey Locust

Latin names: Fructus gleditsia sinensis, Gleditsia sinensis lam
Chinese name: zao jiao
Other name: gleditsia

What is Chinese Honey Locust?
The Chinese honey locust  is  a  species of flowering plant that is native to Asia.

What are the health benefits of Chinese Honey Locust?
The Chinese honey locust is used in Chinese herbal medicine to treat several conditions related to phlegm accumulation. It treats coughs and wheezing with lots of sputum that is difficult to expel. It can also treat clumps and swellings in the body, such as the beginning stages of abscesses or boils. Chinese honey locust can also be used in suppository form to treat constipation due to roundworms.

This herb also stimulates metabolism. In this regard, it is often combined with other metabolic-stimulating herbs in weight loss herbal formulas.

Where can I find Chinese Honey Locust?

Chinese honey locust can be found online through herb suppliers or at the offices of Chinese medical practitioners.

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