Abalone Shell

Latin name: Concha haliotidis
Chinese name: shi jue ming

What is Abalone Shell?
Abalones are shells found mostly in cold waters and in the oceans off every continent except the Atlantic coasts of North and South America. The shell is made up of calcium carbonate, the same ingredient that makes up chalk, and other minerals and proteins.

What are the health benefits of Abalone Shell?
Abalone shell is used in traditional Chinese medicine to cure headaches, red eyes, dizziness, blurred vision, photophobia, superficial visual obstructions, and floaters. The actions of the shell are said to bring heat and energy down from the head. Abalone shell often makes an appearance in remedies for cataracts.

How do I prepare Abalone Shell to get the health benefits?
Abalone shell is often made into tea in combination with other herbs. To make the tea, boil an abalone shell in water for 90 minutes, and then strain the resulting mixture. Abalone is also sometimes found ground into powders and pills. Abalone shell is not usually taken as a single herb.

Where can I find Abalone Shell?
Abalone shell can be found in Asian specialty stores, from fishmongers, online and at the offices of Chinese practitioners. Good quality abalone shell is large and thick and should have a shiny, multicolored inner surface.

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